Technology and convenience designed to host inhabitants and visitors with the best infrastructure.

  • Technology Micro-hub

    1st micro-hub of Uberlândia, it is an area dedicated to the establishment of technology-based firms and utilities, incubators and startups, providing a pioneering structure and tax benefits.

  • Easy access

    It is the only neighborhood that shall have access through the 3 major routes of Uberlândia, besides the convenience of being located next to the airport, healthcare, legal, administrative and cultural areas.

  • Unequal Infrastructure

    Concurrent energy with underground structure, ultra-broadband internet and voltaic system. Everything to ensure access, comfort and regard the environmental and sustainability guidelines.

  • Interaction and Convenience

    A complete commercial center with university, business and residential condominiums, large enterprises operating and smart bus shelter.

  • Accessibility and Wellbeing

    Playgrounds, squares, nature reserve, bicycle stands and tactile floor. All to assure quality of life for those who come in here.

  • security and surveillance

    Monitored cameras all over the neighborhood to ensure tranquility for those who pass by.

  • Businesses and Network

    Venues for events and appointments, buildings for co-working and meetings, all conceived to enlarge the experience of those who come to live or work around here.