Granja Marileusa Page

Granja Marileusa was created and developed with concepts of new urbanism, with a design that prioritizes the best experience for people in their daily lives. Thus, it offers integrated solutions and spaces that enhance and value the quality of life, respecting the environment.

1,800 residents
12 thousand people work in the neighborhood
16 thousand vehicles pass daily

It is that "neighborhood-city" of many people's dreams and which is now a reality, made to be independent, where it is possible to live, work, study and have fun. Everything in the same place, in a smart, welcoming, peaceful and sustainable way.

Mais números do Granja:

44 câmeras com monitoramento e ronda 24h
5 condomínios residenciais horizontais consolidados
3 condomínios residenciais verticais entregues
6 verticais em construção (5 residenciais e 1 comercial)
1 shopping com 80 lojas
30 empresas nacionais e multinacionais


Accessibility and pedestrian priority


Quick access to everything via 4 roads


Squares, parks and lots of green everywhere


24-hour monitoring and security center


80 shops: gastronomy, leisure, culture and services


Technology hub with cutting-edge infrastructure

Living together

Active and participating Association of Residents and Companies

In addition to the urbanization of a planned and intelligent neighborhood, Granja Marileusa is also a developer and will launch residential and commercial subdivisions in the coming years.

Whether to host your company or invest in the construction of a real estate development, we have ideal available areas with varying sizes to give life to new futures.